Just wanna be your Flowerpot

You come to me from some place far away
My heart trembles, how can I express my feeling?
You stole my heart from the start
And give me an incurable sickness
I want to become a flowerpot. I pray always
I’ll become a flowerpot that sits on your small windowsills
Though I can’t speak or want anything at all
I’ll be able to see you smile and feel your touch once a while
And I’ll be the one gazing at your face as you sleep
You leave me for some place far away
How can I stop my tears from falling?
Because...Yes,You had my heart from the start


najihah sahami said...

uwahh..sweet..i nak jadi the claypot boley??hehehhee

eRza farEeha said...

nice one!!

Bulan said...

@ mish

boley.i mkn u.ahakss

Bulan said...

@ erza

one je ke? two la.ahakss

~~su manje~~~ said...

salam ziarah malam sis bulan..su lemah nie..takde semangat

Citarasa Rinduan said...

selmat malam bulan..nice follower

Al said...

apsal sume pompuan je yg komen
ak keliru..haha

KELI OH KELI said...

nice poem!

Bulan said...

@citarasa rinduan

selamat petang sis.ahakss

Bulan said...

@ Al.

asal ko nk keliru plak.komen je la.ahakss

Bulan said...

@ keli oh keli


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