That Woman

That woman loves you 
That woman loves you wholeheartedly 
She follows you around like a shadow everyday 
That woman is laughing and crying 
Just how much…

How much more do she have to gaze at you alone

This love that came like the wind 

This beggar-like love 
If she continue this way, will you love her? 
Just come a little nearer…a little more
If she take one step closer to you, then you take one hundred steps back

who love you are next to you now 
That woman is crying alone

That woman is timid 
So she learned how to laugh 
That woman has many stories that she can't even tell her best friend
So her heart is full of tears 

That's why, That woman 

She loved you 
Everyday in her heart, 

She loved you

Do you know... 
That woman is me?
You're not pretending that you don't know, right? 

psstt~ makin dibuang perasaan sayang tue,makin kuat ia meletak dihati. macam gam UHU plak.


Pendekar Berkuda said...



tak dapat menghayatinya...


Bulan said...

@ pendekar

nape x dpt menghayati plak?eheee

eRza farEeha said...

wahh..yunk..gmbo xboleh bla...hik3

Dilla Nur said...

prasaan sayang mmg la ssh nak dibuang must go on...

Adess...pebende aku mrepek ni~
sori la bulan, tetbe no idea lak...haha

sarah mohamad said...

tetiba cik bulan jiwang karat . teehee

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