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Entri hari ni aku nak kongsi dengan korang jenis 'trendy shoes' yg sesuai dipakai dengan skinny jeans. Ala-ala fashionista hijabista terketar-ketar gituhhh. 

Women can never have too many shoes! Shoes are important as it plays a huge role in transforming our whole appearance. Imagine wearing everything fancy and you end up wearing a worn out pair of heels or sandals. However, for the ladies who love wearing skinny jeans, there are a few choices of trendy shoes for women which they could consider on trying. The first footwear suitable to be matched with a pair of skinny jeans is naked sandals. Due to the hot climate country as Malaysia, sandals are a must-have for every woman to own. The sandals are perfect for women to match with skinny jeans anywhere they go. Choose a strappy sandal for that sexy glow. 

Although we are living in a burning climate, it is never wrong for women to wear boots with their super skinny jeans. Boots add that edgy boyish character and it is perfect for a day to feel powerful. Wear this look especially if you need that extra boost of confidence. However, make sure you choose a boot which has a contrast colour with your skinny jeans. For example, go for black boots with a pair of blue jeans. 

Meanwhile if you want a different yet nerdy kind of appearance, opt for lace up Oxford shoes. College students can attempt this look for that smart yet fashionable look in class. Geek and nerd is totally the ‘It’ thing where no one makes fun of them anymore in this era. Be the fashionable looking nerd and walk in style every step you make. 

High heels are the most common choice for women to wear with their skinny jeans. Women always use this trick to make their legs to leaner and appear taller. Due to the hugging factor of the skinny jeans and height of the heels, woman can feel like an express supermodel everywhere they go.
Hah... Kome belajo bahase English. Selamat Maju Jaya lah untuk memahami nya. Aku rasa dah senang faham kot. Sebab simple English je tu.

Boleh usha-usha SINI untuk lebih banyak pilihan Trendy Shoes ye.
Selamat Bershopping~~~


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